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7 Reasons to Ditch your Bank Mortgage Insurance

Are you a non-smoker?  Do you have insurance on your home from the bank?  Do you know you are not getting a discount for being a non-smoker?  Check my short video to see 3 ways your bank mortgage insurance may not be the best deal for you.

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Business Lessons From Microsoft CEO Bill Gates

Business Lessons from Microsoft CEO Bill Gates

Microsoft had certainly a run like no other company on the market, and this is primarily due to its CEO, the famous Bill Gates. Through a combination of relentless focus, strategic brilliance and sheer determination, Bill Gates helped his company leverage the true power of computers, breaching the market by creating the legendary Windows for Pc. Moreover, Microsoft invented Internet Explorer, Office and BackOffice due to Gates’ persistence in creating top-notch services that could stand on top of today’s market trends.


Bill Gates Secrets

Even if Bill Gates dropped out of the reputable Harvard University in 1974, the next year he created the most innovative company in the world, called Microsoft, that would make Gates become one of the most wealthiest men in the whole world. Today, even if Bill Gates is no longer the most rich man on the planet, he still is worth $59 billion.  He left behind a true heritage consisting of business lessons that can help any entrepreneur keep his head above water and give his competitors a run for their money.

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Work And Play – 5 Cool Leisure Spaces For Your Office

The office shouldn’t be a stressful and dull environment. You spend the greater part of your life in the workplace and it you shouldn’t be made to feel like you’re entering hell every morning. Every office should have some leisure space so that employees and employers alike can relax and recuperate. Studies show that a leisurely environment stimulates the mind and that it helps combat fatigue and stress.

Stuck for ideas? Here are five cool spaces you can incorporate in your office. Work hard, play hard – isn’t that the motto, after all?

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Four Fun ways to Motivate your Employees.

When it comes to work, most people can think of a whole lot of things they would rather be doing than, sitting in the office all day doing work or answering the phone. And while this certainly won’t change for some people no matter what you do, here are four fun ways to motivate your employees and keep them moving forward without needing to put too much into it, or cost too much time and effort on your behalf.


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